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WEGENER SM306B Butt Welder Images. Usually the gas is argon, but helium by itself or mixed with argon may be used for special applications. FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Wegener Duratherm Welder: Features of Wegener Duratherm Welder: Electronic temperature control Rotating back-plate for ideal tip positioning. 5 Metre (3mm to 20mm) Manual Butt Welder Working length 1. - User-friendly touchscreen. manual panel welding device for processing thermoplastic plastics with hydraulic process force application (MSV 201) The welding force is applied hydraulically and the machine table is moved hydraulically in the MSV 201 by means of an integrated hydraulic unit.

Technical Data Autotherm3; Power supply: 110-120V 60Hz: Power consumption: 1,000 W: Temperature*: up to 600 °C: Airflow (20 °C) external air supply: 40-60 l/min. For carbon, carbon- manganese, high strength low alloy steels and stainless steels, flux cored wires can be used. These offer the advantages of higher welding speeds and easier control of fillet weld profiles. As a consequence, the HÜRNER HWT 400 mm workshop line, too, has systems of the versions CNC (HWT 400-C), WeldControl (HWT 400 WeldControl), and Manual Hydraulic (HWT 400 M). WEGENER microprocessor control system for air and extrudate temperature, and to control the motor Own air supply in the SC version through a WEGENER brushless Airbox 2,200 W Switch between actual and target value display for air heater and extrudate temperature. Hot Air Welding Tools.

Plate thickness max 20 mm. Click on images for more info on extruder welding machines. Plate Welding – manual and automatic: Wall thickness up to 60 mm.

These sheets such as PP & PE are normally butt welded together by using one of our extensive range of Plastic Sheet Butt Fusion Welding Machines. Greyco Products started plastic welding in. BILGI SUK-99 *Manual welding and cutting *Automatic and electronic adjustment heat treatment system *CE standards Welding: 20 teeth/min. Ingenia North America s manual butt welder model INGENIA NA 15. Two widely used heat sources are: Gas flame The molten metal must be protected from the atmosphere - absorption of. 5 meters or 62 inches and up to 20 mm thick.

Bandsaw length: 6 m minimum Bandsaw width: 50/250 mm Gang. Wegener Model KSM 185 - Plastic Sheet Butt Welder - 1. WEGENER Welding, LLC 16W301 wegener psm-15 manual butt welder S. WEGENER blowers DT 6 and DT 14) - Built-in electronic temperature controls (continuous adjustment of welding temperature without changing air volume in accordance with DVSAir and electrical supply in one hose - Hose connection angled downwards - Handle including nozzle fully rotable - Strain relief at. 85 meter, Weld-able thickness: 1.

Plate thickness. Standard rod profiles are round and triangular. 90° Welding Unit Site or Workshop Friendly.

For best results use while the weld is still warm. WIDOS sheet welding machines – Butt welding of Plastic sheet. wegener psm-15 manual butt welder 5mm to 10mm Dependent on material, Weld-able Material: PE / PP / PVC/ PVDF.

airtherm 1300 airtherm 1600. ,LTD is a comprehensive manufacturer and an experienced professional exporters in China. Sheet Welding Machines. What is Wegener welding?

Written by Dagmar Ziegler, Vice President, Sales, WEGENER Welding, LLC, distributors of thermoplastic welding and fabrication equipment including hand welding wegener psm-15 manual butt welder systems, extrusion welding systems, sheet bending and fusion machines, pipe butt and socket fusion tools and equipment, pipe band saws, AC and DC spark testers and a wide variety psm-15 of specialty welding equipment. , Edmonton, Alberta, will display its new Injectiweld unit. Wires for MIG/MAG welding are usually solid. , will introduce a new line with increased output and lighter weight; while Drader Manufacturing Industries Ltd.

Wegener is the world&39;s most unique manufacturer of custom thermoplastic welding technology (butt welding machines, bending and edging machines, hand held extrusion welders, hot air welding equipment, testing equipment and so on). PSM 10 The main unit. Welding pressure max 300 Kp. Wegener Welding is an international supplier of high quality welding, processing and testing equipment. Wegener North America Inc. We mainly deal with PE BUTT FUSION MACHINE,PPR SOCKET FUSION TOOL KITS,ELECTRO FUSION WELDING MACHINE, GEOMEMBRANE WELDER,EXTRUSION WELDER,WORKSHOP FITTINGS FUSION WELDING MACHINE,BAND SAW,SADDLE FUSION MACHINE, TEST PUMP AND PIPE CUTTER TOOLS.

What type of wire is used in MIG welding? To produce classic butt welds and cylinders. Wegener Model KSM 155 - Plastic Sheet Butt Welder - 1. Frontage Rd Burr Ridge IL 60527.

- Butt-Welding Machine STx25. In this process a filler material, the welding rod, is introduced into the seam to give supportive strength. Since that time we have become plastic welding experts, providing plastic tanks, containers, plastic plating barrels and custom. Plastic pipe butt-welding machine. Wegener Model MSV 201- Plastic Sheet Butt Welder - 2 Metre (3mm to 20mm) Manual Butt Welder Working length 2 meter, Weldable thickness: 2-20mm Dependent on material, Weldable Material: PE / PP / PVC/ PVDF. In manual welding, the operator points the electrode in the direction of welding and uses the arc to melt the metal at the joint.

Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. CN-controlled thermoplastic welding system for workshop application HÜRNER&39;s HWT 400 Line is the end-to-end transformation of worksite technology into workshop systems. Welds Flush Butt Welds to 1" Thick X 120" Long. PVC-U, PE-HD, PP, PVDF) either flat or at a 90 angle. Find out all of the information about the Wegener International GmbH product: air-cooled cutting torch Duratherm SC.

1968 - WEGENER Bending- and Butt Welding Automat. Both the molten metal in the weld pool, the tip of the filler wire and the hot electrode are protected from atmospheric contamination by a shield of inert gas. Extrusion Welders – We carry the full range of machines for welding extruder from Munsch, HSK and Wegener. Wegener Model MSV 151- Plastic Sheet Butt Welder - 1.

WhiteLine Manual Hydraulic. How does manual welding work? Find out all of the information about the Wegener International GmbH product: air-cooled cutting torch Autotherm3. Wegener KSM 155 CNC Controlled Butt Welder. Wegener are renowned for developing unique solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

WEGENER Welding has been synonymous with highest quality, reliability and innovative equipment and machinery. , Burr Ridge, Ill. 5 meter, Weld-able thickness: 1.

WEGENER has been synonymous with top quality, innovative and technologically convincing equipment and machinery. What type of gas is used in welding? Used for planning/trimming the butt welded joint/seam off a butt welded plastic sheets sheet material. Welds Flush Butt Welds to 1" Thick X 48" Long ; Wegener SM-300 Manual Butt Welder. Extrusion Welders.

Spare Blade for Manual Hand Held Plastic Sheet Weld Seam Planer. WEGENER Welding Products. Argon - hydrogen mix- tures can be used for stainless steel.

Filler is supplied as cut lengths of wire - usually 1 metre long. Sheet thickness up to 25 mm. 5 HIGH SPEED WELDING As far as hand welding is concerned, more than 90% of the structural welds are high speed welded. Automatic shut-off in case of air loss Accomodates all Wegener welding tips Easily connects to DT1 & DT2 blowers Suitable to PP, PE, PVC, CPVC, PVDF & fluropolymers.

WEGENER International GmbH Ernst-Abbe Straße 30 D-52249 Eschweiler. Welders, wegener psm-15 manual butt welder Benders & Training. We use it to weld most thermoplastics. Waterproofing Welding Machine Hebei MingMai Technology Co.

Wegener GmbH is the leading provider of hot air welding tools, hand held and automated extrusion welders, together with butt welding and bending machines. 1959 - WEGENER Hot Air. WIDOS sheet welding – plate welding series PSM PSM 10 Plate width max 1000 mm. This is one of only a few Wegener fusion butt welding machines in all of Ontario.

1998 - Exweld hydro with hydraulic drive. We can also help you get more information by facilitating a conference call with the Item Seller. Phone:. The machine will weld widths of 1. WEGENER Products. WEGENER International GmbH Ernst-Abbe Straße 30 D-52249. 5 meter, Weldable thickness: 2-20mm Dependent on material, Weldable Material: PE / PP / PVC/ PVDF. 0 data logger for welding report logging.

In fusion welding, a heat source melts the metal to form a bridge between the components. 1 – wegener communications – instruction manual – idb fm2 subcarrier uplink system – models 1601, 1605-12, 1619, 1639, 1677-09, 1677-12, 1681, 16 1 – WEGENER COMMUNICATIONS – INSTRUCTION MANUAL – IDB SYSTEM AND AN AUDIO SWITCH AND TEST TONE GENERATOR – MODEL 2642 – VOLUME 1 OF 2 AND 2 OF 2. Custom plastic welding / Fusion butt welding. - WEGENER International GmbH.

The Manual Hydraulic Series of butt-welding machines in the WhiteLine generation makes a statement by its superior manufacturing quality and its scalability in the form of an easy upgrade to a data logging-enabled machine with the installation of an SPG 2. Serving many segments of the plastics welding industry, we offer plastic hot air welders, plastic extrusion welders, plastic sheet welders, plastic sheet benders, plastic pipe butt welders, plastic pipe band saws,. The manual - for working width up to 1,0 m, 1,5 m and 2,0 m. 20 S hand is used for butt fusion of thermoplastic sheets (e.

WeldTech - Hot Air Welder Instruction Manual 1. Browse for professionals listed alphabetically by first name in the following bracket: &39;J&39; - Page 1987. Plate Welding Wegener Butt welding of thermoplastic plates. · Extrusion welders: Hand-held extrusion welders will be shown by two firms. If filler metal is required, for example when making a fillet weld, it is added to the leading edge of the weld pool.

5mm to 10mm) Wegener Working Width 1. Wegener sheet welders ST 225 / 325 / 425 Maximum Working width / 3050 / 4050 mm. - SM 440 – Butt Welding Machine with patented mechanical, synchronized parallel movement of the working tables. 90° Welding Unit, Workshop Friendly. Læs mere. - For external air supply (e. Contact the seller.

Welds up to 1” thick X 48” long ; Auto-trims of weld flash ; Wegener PSM-15 Manual Butt Welder. Manual Hand Held Plastic Sheet Weld Seam Planer. Air Products Welder™s Handbook Fusion welding The most widely used welding proc-esses rely on fusion of the components at the joint line.

Wegener psm-15 manual butt welder

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